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A Look Into Computed Radiography (CR)

Computed Radiography (CR) is a generic term referring to the class of digital radiographic detectors that use photostimulable storage phosphors (PSP) ...

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Why Should I Convert to Digital X-Ray?

I am planning to retire in a few years! Why should I convert to digital x-ray? Most people who plan to retire in a few years become more conservative ...

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How Much Does Digital X-Ray Cost?

One of the largest deciding factors in the choice to add or upgrade to digital x-ray imaging is cost. Despite being one of the most common questions, ...

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Enhance Your View with ExamVue

ExamVue brings nearly 40 years of experience in diagnostic imaging to the table to help your practice become safer, more efficient, and more profitabl...

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Digital Flat Panel Detectors (FPD)

There are two types of Flat Panel Detectors (FPD) used in digital x-ray: Direct, using a-Se (amorphous selenium) to convert x-rays directly to electri...

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What Makes a Good Digital Image?

Image processing vastly changes the quality of an image. No digital image can be better than the worst of the detector, image processing, and monitor ...

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Digital Imaging Technologies

Digital images are essentially images in the form of computer files. Radiography images are large in terms of size with high spatial and contrast reso...

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