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ExamVue PACS was developed with user-friendly design, simple and fast workflow, and convenient diagnosis function. This PACS can be used as a solution for a small clinic or a larger practice with up to 10 viewers, it can be quickly and easily installed throughout your office; both to show your patients their x-rays or to perform your own diagnosis from your own office desk. Features include easy image importation, image stitching, comparisons, and specialized orthopedic tools.

ExamVue PACS is a software package that can be used with general purchase computing hardware to acquire, store, distribute, process, and display images and associated data throughout clinical environments. Our PACS performs digital imaging processing, measurement, communication, and storage.

Worklist Tools include:

  • Image Delete, Edit Patient, File In/Out, DICOM Send, Merge, Compare, Comment, Report
Imaging and Annotation Tools include:
  • ​Image Viewer
    DICOM Open, Image Save, User Layout, DICOM Print, DICOM Send, DICOM Header Information, Zoom/ROI Zoom, Fit Image, Panning, ROI Window Leveling, Invert Rotation, Flip, Annotation Show & Hide
  • Image Annotation
    Text, User TEXT, R/L Mark, Length, Angle, Cobb Angle
  • Advanced Specialty Tools
    Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Freehand, Line Profile, Histogram
  • Flexible Resolution
  • Support DICOM Q/R, DICOM DIR
  • Supports Multiple Viewers and Dual Monitor Functions
  • DICOM 3.0 Compatibility
  • Changeable Skin (Blue, Pink, Black)

ExamVue PACS interoperates with other devices using the DICOM protocol.
JPI Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

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