You May Need to Upgrade to Digital X-Ray

Is your patient throughput demanding an upgrade to digital x-ray?


ExamVue Digital X-Ray has nearly four decades of experience in providing superior diagnostic imaging solutions across the globe. We offer the highest quality DR (Digital Radiography) systems, tools, and support on the market. 

Many practices have made the transition to DR with ExamVue. Among the many benefits of going digital, we believe the following are particularly significant:


  • High-resolution, high-quality images
  • Lower dose, lower cost
  • User-friendly software and intuitive interface
  • Increased efficiency and patient satisfaction

Benefits of Direct-Deposit CsI Technology

ExamVue panels utilize technology in which Cesium Iodide (CsI) crystals are grown and directly-deposited on the glass substrate. This is unique to ExamVue, as most competitors must purchase CsI screens and glue them to the detector. We provide our customers the benefits of lower patient exposure dose and higher image quality and do so at a cost highly competitive with less exposure efficient technologies.

In addition to providing some of the smartest digital x-ray solutions on the market, our 5-5-5 Coverage Program offers unrivaled support:


  • 5-Year Hardware Warranty
  • 5 Years of Remote Software Support
  • 5 Years of Drop Coverage


Give us a call and we'll show you why ExamVue is quickly becoming the DR provider of choice.

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