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The Skinny on Flat Panel Detectors (FPDs)

Two of the glaring differences between traditional film x-ray and digital imaging methods are lower radiation dose and the ability to modify the captu...

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X-Rays: When Are They Required?

Digital x-ray systems are a given feature of nearly all reputable medical practices nowadays, owing to the improved and enhanced images they provide....

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Consider ExamVue for Your Digital Retrofit

In many medical settings, a complete overhaul is often unlikely due to budgetary restrictions. With a retrofit solution from ExamVue digital x-ray, ho...

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Exposure and Dose

Reducing dose starts with the detector. The choice of panel phosphor technologies can facilitate a dose reduction of up to 60% as well as improved ima...

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No. Not all flat panel detectors are equal

There are two types of Flat Panel Detectors (FPD) used in digital x-ray: Direct, using a-Se (amorphous selenium) to convert x-rays directly to electri...