High Quality,
High Resolution
Digital x-ray eliminates much of the health risks associated
with conventional radiography. Our digital imaging solutions
produce high quality diagnostic images without compromising
patient health.
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Digital X-Ray Software

From digital X-ray software to all your radiology needs—you’ll find everything you need at ExamVue.


Our imaging hardware is manufactured based on industry regulations and compliance standards.


Our software is developed keeping in mind industry needs and comes with full technical support services.

Digital X-Ray Software for Everybody

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Whether you have your own practice, run an urgent care clinic, or work in a large hospital, we can provide digital x-ray solutions for your needs.

    Digital Radiography and PACS Solutions

    ExamVue develops medical imaging solutions that range from digital X-ray panels down to integrative PACS. Our digital imaging equipment and software provide unparalleled clarity and workflow organization that can significantly improve institutional efficacy.

    Our equipment complies with all regulations imposed by governing medical bodies and our technicians are always at hand to lend remote technical and software support.

    ExamVue Digital X-Ray Solutions

    Our solutions can be applied across a range of healthcare modalities.
    From orthopedics to urgent care centers, our products are the smartest buys in the industry.

    Digital Imaging for Orthopedics

    Our orthopedic package comes with a 14” x 17” wireless and 17” x 17” tethered detector that can acquire full resolution images in 4 seconds.

    Digital Imaging for General Practice

    Our imaging equipment is as applicable for general practice purposes. Our detectors and screens deliver clear imaging without the slightest chance of distortion and residual light.

    Imaging and Urgent Care Centers

    Our detectors can be used to conduct imaging tests for virtually every condition. With crystal clear imagery, you can rest assured that your diagnostic accuracy is unquestionable.

    Software and PACS by ExamVue

    Our DR acquisition software is easy to use and comes installed with multiple analytic functionalities. While our PACS allow a comprehensive consolidation of patient records and information.

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    Whether you have your own practice, run an urgent care clinic, or work in a large hospital, we can provide digital x-ray solutions for your needs.

      PACS and Digital X Ray: Spearheading Healthcare Improvements

      Efficient and Improved Digital X-Ray Solutions

      Many associate conventional radiography with the use of harsh chemicals and inefficiency, in addition to other occupational hazards. Conventional radiography equipment also costs more, in terms of money, space, and time. Direct digital radiography systems have emerged as a much more effective alternative for healthcare facilities. Not only does it produce high-quality digital X-rays, but it’s also more environment and user-friendly.

      Digital radiography solutions have shown to produce excellent quality images. Flat panel digital radiography systems convert the incident X-ray pattern energy into electrical signals. This leads to the X-ray images being available for diagnosis directly after exposure.

      If you’re looking to upgrade your digital X-ray solutions, ExamVue offers an array of digital imaging solutions. No matter what your budget, patient volume criteria, or spacing needs are, our digital X-ray solutions can help you out. We enable radiography professionals to get access to high-quality digital X-rays through direct digital radiography systems within seconds. Get in touch with us today for more details.

      Digital Imaging and PACS solutions

      There is no room for compromise on patient healthcare. Your community deserves the best possible diagnostic and treatment facilities. ExamVue offers imaging excellence for these facilities.

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