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One of the most recent additions to our portfolio are portable digital X-ray solutions designed for veterinary and medical applications. Each of our high-frequency X-ray generators is made with lightweight durable material and has long lasting batteries (only the CubeX 16B is battery powered), designed to withstand rigorous use without needing frequent charging. Perfect for use in emergency treatments and veterinary clinics, our mobile X-ray generators will make diagnostic imaging much easier throughout your facilities.

Portable Digital X-Ray Systems by ExamVue

Our selection of portable digital X-ray systems includes the CubeX range of portable X-ray generators. The three generator models—the CubeX 16, 28 and 50 offer the following advantages to medical and veterinary service providers:

  • Soft touch controls and digital display capabilities
  • Cassette sized indicator dials
  • Optional inverted control panels for easy use on tables
  • Two-stage dynamic, auto line compensation
  • Laser pointers
  • Compatible with ExamVue imaging software and PACS

Each of the mobile generators weighs under 30 lbs with compact designs to reduce space requirements and ease of transport.

Technical Specifications of Our Digital X-ray Systems


  • Suitable for Veterinary Application
  • Dimensions of 13.2” x 6” x 16.7”
  • Weighs 19 lbs
  • Focal spot measurements of 1.2mm x 1.2mm


  • Suitable for medical and veterinary application
  • Dimensions of 14” x 7.9” x 7.5”
  • Weighs approximately 29 lbs
  • Focal spot measurements of 1.2mm x 1.2mm


  • Suitable for medical and veterinary applications
  • Dimensions of 14” x 7.9” x 7.5”
  • Weighs approximately 29 lbs
  • Focal spot measurements of 1.8mm x 1.8mm

ExamVue X-ray Imaging Software

The CubeX series of high frequency portable X-ray generators is compatible with our patented ExamVue DR acquisition software and PACS. Our imaging solutions come equipped with a wide range of functionalities which include image manipulation, DICOM compatibility and image stitching software(image stitching is really only relevant in chiropractic). Our PACS systems are compatible with DICOM 3.0 and can be used with any DICOM compatible imaging equipment. Some salient features of ExamVue DR acquisition are:

  • Image manipulation functions—including flipping, rotations, magnification, zooming and panning.
  • Image measurement capabilities—including line measurementsand angle measurements.
  • Secondary and dual monitor display
  • DICOM functions—Auto-PACS send, DICOM print to DICOM printer, DICOM storage commitment.
  • Side-by-side image comparisons.

Our PACS offers the following functions:

  • Image annotations
  • Edit patient information
  • Supports multiple viewers and dual monitors
  • Adjustable resolutions

For additional information or a quote on our mobile X-ray products, contact us at sales@examvuedigitalxray.com.

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