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How to Support Your Medical Imaging Centers

Medical imaging centers are built around the idea of being able to process as many patients as possible for everything from your basic x-ray to more c...

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Portable Digital Radiography Solutions

Digital radiography has gone from a potentially interesting option to the gold standard for clinics and imaging centers across the world. However, thi...

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Could Machine Learning Enter Radiography?

As medical professionals, more efficiency means better and more specialized care for your patients. As a result, the notion of machine learning in the...

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Digital Radiography (DR) Mythbusting

The time is now for many medical professionals/practice owners to convert to digital radiography. However, it’s understandable if you are a little a...

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Pain Points for Urgent Care Centers

For a variety of different areas and regions, the urgent care center has become a new staple of medical care. Providing support for medical issues wit...