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ExamVue Cloud PACS offers a HIPAA-compliant backup and viewing solution for medical professionals like you. Our easy-to-use Cloud PACS solution provides you with the freedom to view your images nearly anywhere on Edge, Safari, and Chrome browsers on your laptop, tablet, or phone with security and ease. Additionally, our Cloud PACS can be used with any manufacturer's imaging equipment.

Other cloud PACS solutions could cost you anywhere from $3,000 to as much as $9,000 a year. Not only is ExamVue Cloud PACS a superior product, but it's also a more cost effective one.

A range of solutions and specialty tools are available for medical, chiropractic, and podiatry applications.

Our Cloud PACS includes specialty medical tools such as:

  • Linear Measure
  • Angle Measure
  • Circle Area
  • Polygon Area
  • Text Annotation
  • Arrow Mark
  • Line Mark

If you're a chiropractor looking for a Cloud solution, you'll be very pleased with our 20+ chiropractic-specific tools listed below.

  • Cervical Lordosis (George Line)
  • Cervical Lordosis (C2 – C7)
  • Cervical Lordosis (C1 to Horizontal)
  • Cervical Lordosis (C1 – C7)
  • Cervical Lordosis Upper (177mm)
  • Lumbar Lordosis (George Line)
  • Lumbar Lordosis (Translation)
  • Lumbar Lordosis (L1 – S1)
  • Lumbar Lordosis (L1 – L5)
  • Lumbar Lordosis (T12 – S1)
  • Horizontal Distance
  • Vertical Distance
  • Distance from Vertical Line
  • Distance from Horizontal Line
  • Spinal Body Canal Ratio Line
  • Atlas Plane Line
  • Cervical Curve (60 Degrees)
  • Antero & Retrolisthesis
  • Center Mass
  • Atlas Rotation
  • George’s Line
  • Vertebral Angle
  • Multiple Cobb Angle
  • Extended Cobb’s Angle
  • Multiple Angles
  • Multiple Angles/(Angles Between Lines)
  • Spine Label
  • Full Lateral Spine Marking
  • Gonstead Pelvic Analysis
  • Logan Basic Marking
  • Horizontal Deflection Line
  • Ray Line

Podiatry-Specific Tools Include:

  • Talo-Calcaneal Angle
  • Calcaneal Inclination and Talar Declination Angle
  • Forefoot 20 Points
  • Metatarsal Parabola
  • Transaction of Lesser Tarsus
  • Cobb’s Angle

To learn more, set up a Cloud PACS demo, or to make a purchase, please contact or call (516) 654-6955 today.

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