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Investing in Digital X-Ray

An investment in an upgrade to digital radiography (DR) can pay dividends to a practice, clinic, or hospital. Digital x-ray is a safer, more effective...

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What is DICOM?

DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) was developed to serve as an international standard of communications to transmit, retrieve, pr...

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Inherent Differences between DR and CR

While the term digital radiography started being used in the mid-1980s, digital imaging became more developed in the 1990s. Computed Radiography (or C...

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ExamVue Digital Flat Panel Detectors

ExamVue provides healthcare professionals with superior and cost-effective digital flat panel detectors, which are offered in the following options: 1...

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Performance Factors of DR Imaging

It’s easy to have a doctor look at an image and decide if it’s good or bad. When you need to figure out why and how to improve it, you need to loo...

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Top 10 Advantages of Digital X-Ray

The advantages of digital x-ray are varied and many. As we realize your time is valuable, we have provided the following concise list to address this ...

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How is ExamVue Digital X-Ray Different?

ExamVue is focused on bringing cost-effective digital x-ray solutions to the healthcare industry. Our patented technology helps keep us a step ahead o...

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