The Importance of Portable X-Ray for Your Healthcare Facilities

The Importance of Portable X-Ray For Your Healthcare Facilities

The burden of orthopedic trauma and musculoskeletal cases in the US has been consistently increasing over the years. Studies conducted point out that 7.9 million bone fracture patients are treated yearly in the United States.

As such, having portable X-ray equipment or even wireless image transmissions can help manage this increasing burden by reducing the time needed to diagnose and treat these conditions.

Digital radiography equipment, that also offers wireless image acquisition, can go a long way in improving healthcare provision. Within the context of treating orthopedic patients or those requiring emergency treatment, DR is a crucial investment that all healthcare facilities should consider.

 Why are X-Rays Important?

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The human body is one of the most sensitive pieces of organic systems ever seen. Even the slightest shifts in the chemical or physiological composition of the body, can induce intense symptoms. Often it requires high quality images and high resolutions to detect these changes. Failure to do so extends the time that the patient continues to suffer from whatever condition they have contracted or trauma they’ve experienced and can compromise their long-term quality of life.

The discovery of X-rays was a revolutionary because now we could look at the internal structures of the body. From the perspective of patient treatment and diagnosis, X-ray images allowed us to view musculoskeletal injuries as opposed to feeling around to detect them and also helped improve upon existing treatment options.

How Did DR Change Medicine?

DR equipment was already a significant upgrade compared to the conventional X-ray because of the improvements in image quality. Looking at it in terms of diagnostic capability, it has also made it a lot easier to diagnose medical conditions.

The portability and the versatility of DR equipment, such as the options of keeping them wall-mounted or placing them in bucky trays, has made crucial diagnostic image much more accessible to doctors. With the option of placing them in potentially any position that allows for clearer viewing you eliminate crucial delays while conducting surgery or treating severe medical trauma.

In conclusion, digital X-ray equipment provides significant advantages that traditional X-ray equipment simply could not. With clearer images, the portability and immediate image acquisition; healthcare institutions are now much more efficient and effective at offering treatments and diagnoses.

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