The Potential of DR Systems: A Look to the Future

The Potential of DR systems: A look to the Future

The digital radiography (DR) market has been consistently growing over the past 10 years. With each passing day, the potential of integrating digital radiography with PACS systems is allowing for greater accessibility of healthcare to a larger number of people.

In addition to the technological improvements that allow for greater diagnostic accuracy, DR systems improve healthcare institutional operations through supplementary technology which will be the future of healthcare.

Insofar as a full-scale adoption of DR systems in healthcare settings is concerned, we still have a long way to go, due mostly to the high operation costs of adopting the accompanying infrastructure. However, nothing’s to say that the market will not continue to become increasingly sophisticated as time passes.

So let’s take a look at what the future holds for the industry with regard to market conditions, increased portability, and better quality imaging.

Market Conditions

As of 2019, X-ray devices enjoy the highest market share in the sales of radiography equipment across the world. With the increasing popularity of DR systems, these are expected to experience a growth rate of at least 5% to a size of $12.8 billion until 2021.

This lag in the market comes from a lack of supporting infrastructure, however with the wide-scale HIPAA compliance across the sector; we’re not far off from a full-scale adoption.

Increased Portability

Over time, we’ve observed that digital imaging equipment has become increasingly more compact. This allows medical professionals to use the equipment in different settings, whether the flat panel detector is wall-mounted or placed in bucky trays. Over the years, we expect that newer X-ray modules will become even more compact to further increase the public’s access to such imaging technology.

This portability will come with improvements in wireless access to image acquisition software, which will eliminate the need for wires altogether. Although these won’t directly be enhancements for DR technology, the accompanying support infrastructure will get a lot better over the next years. If we’re lucky, these will also come with cost improvements which will help implement DR systems across the entire healthcare technology infrastructure.

Better Imaging

In addition to the increased portability of these DR systems, we’re also looking at better imaging and better resolution, which would make the diagnostic exercise a lot more effective.

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