5 Ways in Which DR Improves Healthcare Provision Efficiency

5 Ways in Which DR Improves Healthcare Provision Efficiency

Digital radiography has been part of the healthcare system for the better part of the past two decades. In this time, we’ve seen the technology come a long way with compact imaging equipment and the creation of consolidated patient information databases.

As such, the widespread implementation of DR across healthcare facilities is the next step toward improving healthcare provision across the board.

Having been providers of flat X-ray panels and Examvue PACS software to healthcare providers as well as OEMs, ExamVue can vouch for the advantages offered by DR systems. As such, some improvements you can expect are:

1. Compact Designs to Create Better Workflow

Digital X-ray equipment is compact compared to the traditional film X-ray system,  which comprised of huge pieces of hardware that took up a lot of space. Furthermore, you don’t need chemical processing equipment that traditional X-ray systems require. The elimination of excessive hardware opens up space within the healthcare facility thatcan be utilized to deliver better healthcare to patients.

2. Instantaneous Image Acquisition

Oftentimes, especially during surgical procedures or in instances of severe trauma, you need these images immediately to treat potentially life-threatening injuries. DR systems can rapidly capture and present high-quality images to the primary physician. Chemical image processing used to take hours if not days to create diagnostic imagery, but with digital radiography these time-spans have been reduced to allow for faster diagnosis and treatment.

3. Portability and Wireless Acquisition

DR systems are often equipped with wireless acquisition functionality and may also be portable. This  allows imaging equipment to become much more accessible to patients and doctors alike. With DR systems

digital X-rays

, you can potentially access these images from anywhere in the facility and share them with anyone who might be relevant to the diagnostic procedure.

4. Built-In Modalities Eliminate Excessive Hardware

The screens used to view digital X-rays can be used to display other images without compromising on quality; these monitors can show CT scans and MRIs as well. . Additionally, the images can also be manipulated for better viewing through contrast changes, brightness variations etc.

5. Better Technical Support

Digital radiography equipment often comes with built-in contingency features that will tell you whether you need to send them for repairs and allow you to remotely contact technical support. These functionalities go a long way in eliminating the hindrances to providing effective healthcare, since these also eliminate the lag associated with these.

If you’re looking for state of the art digital radiography equipment and digital X-ray for imaging centers, get in touch with us at ExamVue. We have been providing top quality diagnostic imaging solutions and equipment for nearly 4 decades.

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