Investing in a Portable X-ray System: What Do You Gain From Going Mobile?

Investing in a Portable X-ray System: What Do You Gain From Going Mobile?

At a glance, portable X-ray generators present opportunities that fixed X-ray units don’t. They reduce the cost associated with patient transportation, make imaging convenient and offer the same imaging quality as fixed DR units.

Portable X-ray equipment offers great ROI in terms of efficiency improvements and the access of healthcare to a greater number of patients.

Some advantages of portable X-ray systems include:

Increasing Patient Access to Medical Imaging

It’s no real shock that ambulance rides cost patients a fair bit of money. According to the National Consumer League, ambulance rides have cost patients as much as $8,640 presenting a major financial and logistical obstacle for both patients and hospitals alike. Considering the cost of taking the patient to the medical imaging center, portable X-ray equipment can be taken to the patient instead. This reduces burdens on both the patient and the healthcare facility, by reducing the financial burden on the patient and allows healthcare facilities to treat more people than before.

Lower Radiation ExposureX-ray units

Research indicates that portable X-ray equipment exposes patients to lower amounts of radiation than fixed imaging equipment. While fixed equipment exposes both operators and the patient to slightly higher levels of scattered radiation within a 1m radius, portable equipment leaves both parties unharmed, if the proper measures are taken.

Great Image Quality Independent of Location

Portable X-ray units, comprised of an X-ray generator and digital detector, will capture and produce high quality images within time spans comparable to those in imaging centers, outside of those centers. The CubeX series of portable X-ray generators is compatible with ExamVue’s image acquisition software to render high quality images within seconds of capture. The generators are equipped with heavy duty batteries, allowing for extended use.


Portable X-ray configurations  can easily be adapted to suit various medical situations. In accidents, natural disasters, or for veterinary care– there are few situations where these won’t help. Investing in portable X-ray units can help expand the range of services your healthcare facility offer and can improve patient care quality.

ExamVue is a supplier of premium DR imaging equipment for veterinarians. Our products include veterinary flat panel detector, PACS and veterinary x ray imaging software. To learn more about our products for your practice, get in touch with us today.

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