Veterinary Imaging Equipment

Veterinary Imaging Solutions

ExamVue provides digital veterinary imaging equipment for veterinary clinics. Our veterinary digital X-ray systems and DR acquisition software reduce image processing times and produce high-quality images to improve patient care.

Our flat panel detectors are easy to carry, durable, and offer numerous functionalities. When combined with our PACS and X-ray imaging software, our detectors will enhance your clinic’s healthcare service provision capabilities through efficiency improvements and cost reductions.

Veterinary Flat Panel Detectors by ExamVue

Our unique digital X-ray solutions for veterinarians include high-quality DR flat panel detectors and our patented ExamVue DR Acquisition software. Our products for veterinary applications include:

  • 14” x 17” Tethered DR flat panel detector
  • 14” x 17” Wireless DR flat panel detector
  • 17” x 17” Tethered DR flat panel detector
  • V2 17″ x 17″ Tethered DR flat panel detector

Veterinary Digital X-ray Systems

Additionally, we also offer Veterinary Digital X-ray systems designed for veterinary imaging purposes:

Together, the ExamVue portfolio of veterinary digital X-ray solutions will resolve your veterinary imaging equipment problems.

What Do ExamVue Flat Panel Detectors Offer?

Our flat panel detector designs focus on convenience and durability. The hardware is energy-efficient, lightweight, impact-resistant aluminum and comes attached with a foldable handle. (not all come with handle) Some  features of our panels include:

14” x 17” Wireless

  • Pixel pitch of 154µm
  • Image acquisition within 5 seconds
  • Full field AED and  exposure control
  • Weighs 4.0kg

14” x 17” Tethered

  • Image acquisition within 3 seconds.
  • Full field AED built with manual or external sync capabilities
  • The panel weighs a meager 3.4 kg
  • Pixel pitch of 154µm

17” x 17” Tethered

  • Pixel pitch of 154µm
  • Image acquisition within 3 seconds
  • Full field AED
  • A weight of 3.9kg

V2 17” x 17” Tethered

  • Pixel pitch of 140µm
  • Image acquisition within ~3 seconds
  • Automatic Exposure Detection (AED)
  • Weight of 3.96kg

Blue Veterinary Ultrasound

Blue is a veterinary diagnostic ultrasound scanner that provides exceptionally detailed images. Learn more about Blue here.

ExamVue Veterinary DR X-ray Acquisition Software

Each of our panels works in conjunction with our imaging software specifically designed keeping in mind the imaging processing requirements in your vet practices. ExamVue DR acquisition software—(not software) offers a vast range of image manipulation options and can be used in combination with our PACS for data transfers or storage. The features of our X-ray acquisition software include:

  • Histogram, Contrast, Latitude image parameter settings
  • Image flipping, zooming, pan, magnifications
  • Secondary and dual monitor display
  • DICOM functions—auto-PACS send, send to DICOM printer, storage commitment
  • Data exports and backup
  • Side-by-side image comparisons.

This is not a full list of the capabilities offered by our imaging solutions. You should speak with us today or visit the page on our imaging solutions for more information.

For a quote on our veterinary imaging equipment for sale, you should email us at or call us at (516) 654-6955

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