DynaVue and DirectVet: The Ultimate Imaging Solutions for Veterinarians

Up until very recently, imaging methods in veterinary and medical practice—used the same equipment. While veterinarians could make use of the same equipment as medical practices, it comes with various problems unique to veterinary patients.

Anatomical differences between animals require versatility that only digital imaging can provide. With these considerations you, as a veterinarian, should consider adopting full-scale digital imaging equipment to enhance clinical efficiency.

DynaVue and DirectVet by ExamVue are the latest in our list of imaging equipment, dedicated to improving imaging capacities in veterinary practices. Each of the two is a DR system that offers significant advantages over CR and conventional radiography.

DynaVue 2-in-1 Veterinary Imaging Solution

DynaVue was designed to resolve existing problems with imaging in veterinary practices. The system offers a larger field of vision, eliminates image distortion by the C-arm, and also has 15 frames-per-second fluoroscopycapability.

The features of DynaVue include both DR and Fluoroscopy equipment, a 4-way floating table, a 23” touch screen. While in fluoroscopy mode, the system uses pulsed fluoroscopy techniques to reduce the dosage.This space-saving system takes up less space than analog X-ray units and can enhance your imaging and diagnostic accuracy.

The system is fully compatible with DICOM 3.0, including the following functionalities:

  • DICOM Modality work lists
  • DICOM print/reject
  • Image stitching
  • Procedure code mapping

DynaVue is powered by ExamVue’s image acquisition software, offering the full range of our software’s capabilities. These include:

  • Frame-rate control, capable of offering 20 FPS real-time imaging.
  • Image editing tools—including magnification, cropping, rotation, and angle measurements.
  • Image import/export, remote image capture, and smart Anatomic Programmed Radiography.

DirectVet 110-V DR System

The DirectVet is another DR solution powered by ExamVue’s image acquisition software. The system is designed to make image acquisition easier for smaller offices—you can transfer the images to a central PACS for analysis and further transmission. It’s one of the most cost-effective imaging solutions in the market, producing full resolution images in 4 seconds.

Some of the notable features of the DirectVet systems include:

  • Easy to use user interface and touch screen generator
  • Imaging and annotation functions, including image magnification, cropping, rotation, and much more.
  • Image comparisons, importing/exporting, multi-view.
  • DICOM 3.0 compatibility
  • Post-imaging processing.

With either the DirectVet or DynaVue installed in your veterinary practice, you can improve your diagnostic accuracy and efficacy. Each of these digital X-ray systems is a cost-effective imaging solution for your veterinary clinic.

ExamVue is a supplier of premium DR veterinary digital x-ray solutions. Our products include DR flat panel detectors for veterinarians, PACS, and image acquisition software, which power DynaVue and DirectVet. Get in touch with us today to order our products for your practices.

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