Treat Your DR Detectors Like a Corvette

Treat Your DR Detectors Like a Corvette

DR detectors are sensitive pieces of equipment that require a lot of care if they are to last and return every cent spent on them. Considering the costs of DR detectors, hospitals and healthcare facilities can’t afford to let them malfunction because even technical support can go so far.

As providers of digital radiography equipment, who better to tell you how you can take care of your DR detectors than us? So let’s go over some of the basics of DR equipment maintenance.

Use Weight Bearing Protective Covers

You should always use a protective cover to stop your DR detectors from cracking or to save them from damage. Some of your heavier patients might place enough strain on your DR panels to damage them beyond repair.

Always Engage the Clamps on the Bucky Tray

One of the advantages of using DR panels is that these can be easily stored away in bucky trays, far away from careless hands from knocking them over on to the floor. However, you should remember to engage the clamps on the bucky tray so that the panel stays in place while on it. It’s possible for the tray to move around or to let the panel fall or just move around enough so that it cracks—using the clamps will stop this from happening.

Do Not Hold it By the Edges

You should always carry your DR panels with both hands or under your arm to stop them from tipping over and falling. Even the slightest bit of force from crashing to the ground can make your DR panels malfunction or break altogether.

Be Careful When Replacing Batteries

If you need to replace the batteries on your DR panel, don’t slide them in at an angle but rather replace them while your panel is laid flat on a smooth surface. There are a lot of things that can go wrong if you aren’t careful with the batteries, like these might scratch the surface of the panel or if you’re holding the panel at an awkward angle, it might fall to the ground.

 Use a Mobile DR Panel Holder

The average DR panel weighs about 7 pounds and needs to be carefully moved around. You should use a mobile DR panel holder. You can fit your DR panels into the holder with a lock, and that comes built with a handle and holds the panel in place to carry it around.


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