Digital Radiography (DR) as a Patient Care Quality Marker

If a patient is searching for a medical care provider of any kind, the two things they are most likely to be concerned about is the knowledge/experience of the provider, and whether or not they will take proper care of them using that knowledge. One bad impression can cause issues for a medical practice, which is why it’s always important to try and present a strong, patient-friendly image. Here’s how digital radiography fills that need.

For one thing, patients want their time to feel respected. Conventional radiography has its share of pitfalls, from artifacting to other errors that can result in images needing to be taken and retaken. Investing in digital radiography minimizes these risks. Along with this, digital radiography gives lower levels of radiation, which can be a source of concern for some patients. This is especially the case if a patient has a condition that necessitates several scans.

As a final note, patients are becoming more savvy when it comes to medical care. It’s not hard to find resources praising digital radiography as the new standard. So, if they go to a medical provider that doesn’t offer it, there’s that internal dialogue “why is this the case?”

When choosing a practice to visit for long-term or short-term needs, potential patients are taking a close look at online reviews and other media to help them decide what options are best. This makes it essential that you are putting your best foot forward in terms of patient care. Digital radiography can be a surprising asset here, from allaying concerns about radiation to helping get medical imaging done faster. To manage this, it’s a good idea to look into long-term partners like ExamVue X-Ray Solutions. Our goal is not just selling you top hardware and software for digital radiography, but also providing long-term support like our 5-5-5 Coverage Program.

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