How to Support Your Medical Imaging Centers

Medical imaging centers are built around the idea of being able to process as many patients as possible for everything from your basic x-ray to more complex CT scans. They play an essential role in the medical landscape, as many smaller practices and doctors may not be able to afford and maintain medical imaging equipment of their own. This means that finding proper support for your equipment is essential as a medical imaging center manager. Here’s what exactly that support it.

Consumer technology has created the idea that remote support is often inferior to in-person support, but in the medtech world, things often get turned on their head. Your average remote support technician is not an outsourced professional following a script in this regard. You are getting a professional who properly understands your technology issues, and understands the urgency medtech failures create.

Because of this, insisting on in-person support for your radiography equipment probably hurts more than it helps. Depending on where you are based, it may take hours or even days to get a professional to appear in person, generally to give the same advice or care you would get over the phone.

One malfunctioning or inefficient piece of equipment can derail the healthy operation of medical imaging centers, meaning hampered relationships with partner businesses and upset individual clients alike. As a result, along with having top equipment, you also want to invest in a strong support system that will enable you to diagnose and troubleshoot issues remotely when possible. We understand how important this is at ExamVue X-Ray Solutions. Our goal, on top of helping you find digital radiography software and hardware that meets top standards, is also being a reliable partner in the long term. We accomplish this via our 5-5-5 Coverage Program which ensures protection and support for your products for 5 years.

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