Portable Digital Radiography Solutions

Digital radiography has gone from a potentially interesting option to the gold standard for clinics and imaging centers across the world. However, this doesn’t mean that things can’t be improved. More robust remote support helps professionals keep their machines running. Better image quality helps them diagnose conditions and follow treatment better. However, for many patients, getting to the equipment poses its own roadblocks. This is where portable digital radiography comes in.

Part of the demand for portable digital radiography comes from the growing desire for people to seek out medical care in familiar surroundings. There are practical concerns here also. For example, an older person with a history of mobility problems may need the regular help of an orthopedist, but isn’t able to make the trip on their own. Portable digital radiography installations help bring the care they need to them.

Along with this, many people find themselves in need of better portable digital radiography for emergency sessions. For example, at the scene of a natural disaster, there may be many people in need of medical care, but the infrastructure may be damaged. Portable technology with independent power sources and better mobility can be the difference between recovery and permanent damage in these situations.

As technology marches on, we are going to likely see more and more innovation in the field of portable digital radiography. This is a net benefit for a lot of areas like emergency rooms and urgent care centers. However, the next question becomes exactly what type of portable options are the best fit for your business, and how to integrate them. Our goal at ExamVue X-Ray Solutions is to make this happen for you. To accomplish this, we provide a variety of different digital radiography software and hardware. In addition, we provide long-term support and protection for up to 5 years with our 5-5-5 Coverage Program.

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