Why Digital Radiography is a Good Business for a General Practice

Still debating about making the upgrade for digital for your general practice radiography? The longer the wait, the more you are missing out on in terms of benefits, both for your patients and your bottom line. Today, let’s focus more on the business end of things, as every doctor with a practice of their own should always have these concepts in balance.

The old adage of time is money plays out well when it comes to general practice radiography. For example, the faster you can help patients get their images done, the more you can process, which means more money for your practice. In addition, if your patients are aware that you process quickly, while still providing care, this may help you get more referrals. Digital radiography, by nature, is quicker to finish, and has a lower risk of imaging errors that may require you to repay.

Another benefit of using digital radiography from a business perspective is the money that you save in terms of maintenance and compatibility. Most general practice radiography these days has constant remote support to solve issues faster, and works with all leading radiography software.

Investing in general practice radiography isn’t just about increasing the quality of your care, but getting a strong return on investment. When you are ready to reap that ROI, make sure you buy from an expert digital x-ray provider like ExamVue Digital X-Ray Solutions. We offer:

  • Hardware designed to meet the most current standards
  • Software designed to meet your technical needs
  • Remote support
  • The 5-5-5 Plan, with protection and support for your practice for 5 years

Be sure to reach out to us today when you’re ready to make an upgrade or buy your first set of general practice radiography.

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