The Importance of Radiography in Orthopedics

Orthopedics is one of the most rapidly growing fields in medicine, projected to grow to $66.2 billion by 2023. A major reason for this is that while an aging population is leading to increased demand in general, orthopedics is particularly seeing the benefits. This is mainly because aging has a pronounced effect on bone health, meaning an orthopedist is often someone every senior needs to see. Because of this, though, there’s a greater spotlight on how orthopedists can improve their services, and radiography is a bigger piece of this.

Part of orthopedic radiography’s importance is a matter of sheer volume before anything else. The need for x-rays and similar procedures in diagnostic and treatment settings mean that more images are needed than in other settings, where it may only apply to specific conditions. This increased demand means there’s a greater need for advanced technology in these settings. This is not just to get the best images possible (though that’s certainly important) but also to better organize and compare images using orthopedic radiography software. If it’s not possible to have your own equipment, you need a strong partnership with a medical imaging center.

Orthopedic radiography is even more tightly intertwined with these forms of care than it is for other categories. This means that having the top orthopedic radiography equipment is an absolute priority. Whether it’s new hardware or a new set of software for digital x-rays, we have you covered at ExamVue Digital X-Ray Solutions. Things don’t stop after you buy as well. We provide remote support at all times for troubleshooting or other needs and provide additional peace of mind for you with our landmark 5-5-5 Coverage Program. This plan ensures top protection and support for anything you buy from us for 5 years. We look forward to working with you.

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