When to Upgrade Your General Practice Radiography Technology

General practice radiography is an important field that helps contribute to the health of your patients and financial success of your practice. However, like any type of technology, in time, you may need to give serious consideration to upgrading. For example, if you’re still using film radiography, the leap to digital radiography can benefit your practice by leaps and bounds. However, it’s not that simple to make a change right away. Here’s some insight on scouting the best time to improve your general practice radiography.

A good place you want to start when it comes to general practice radiography is taking a yearly audit of your equipment for a variety of things. You want to make sure that your current equipment is meeting demand as well as functioning reliably. These are probably the two most common situations that require people to upgrade their general practice radiography right away.

However, there are other issues that may force your hand. For example, legacy support can dwindle for older systems, and it may be harder and harder to find replacement parts for your equipment as time goes on. In addition, the older your equipment is, the harder it is to find radiography software that it is compatible with.

Solving the question of when to upgrade is a combination of your financial situation and general practice radiography needs. However, it still pays to find a provider that you like before it’s absolutely necessary to upgrade. At ExamVue Digital X-Ray Solutions, we offer a combination of hardware designed to meet the most current standards. This goes along with software designed to be easy to operate, as well as the 5-5-5 Plan. This plan ensures top protection and support for your practice for 5 years.

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