What Digital Radiography Equipment Fits My Urgent Care Practice?

Urgent care practices have a lot of concerns to juggle. You need to deal with the growing amount of people seeing you as their first option when it comes to medical care, while still remaining efficient and effective. As a result, any option you have to help streamline your operation is a welcome one. Here is a closer look at how digital radiography equipment fits into that, and how to find the best option for you.

As a start, it’s important to understand the different needs that may drive your urgent care practice compared to even other ones in a similar location that service similar clientele. Assuming you have multiple sites, for example, one of your key priorities may be consistency about all of them. As a result, you need to be careful with budgeting for different features. For example, portable x-rays are a great asset, but are you ready to get them for all your sites, even if one needs them more than the others?

Another point of consideration is that you want to make sure that any single upgrade you make is going to be compatible with other software or equipment you already have present. This is the type of question you need to thoroughly discuss with potential digital radiography equipment providers.

Still on the fence about what digital radiography equipment is the match for you? You don’t want to wait too long, considering how important efficiency is at this level. When you commit to an upgrade, you want to go all the way, so be sure to reach out to partners like ExamVue. Implementations like our  5-5-5 Coverage Program help you take the equipment you get from us, and support them over a 5-year timeline, ensuring that you have the perfect fit to keep an urgent care setting up and running.

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