Digital Radiography and Podiatry Diagnosis

As the podiatry field grows, more and more people are likely to get referred to them for issues that may not seem obviously foot-related at first. This places far greater importance on diagnosis in the field, and that means podiatrists are more reliant on radiography than ever. Digital radiography is the clear and present option in this regard, making diagnosis easier and more accurate for a variety of reasons.

As a start, as is the case in other disciplines, digital radiography is the single least invasive option you have in terms of helping to determine both the issues that your patients have as well as how they are healing or progressing. This is helped by the fact that there’s a lower risk of radiation exposure as well as artifacting. So, if you want to take images at different angles before making your final diagnosis, it’s fine to do so.

Furthering your diagnostic abilities is using digital radiography software in podiatry. You can use this equipment to help in a variety of ways. You can compare different images in order to make sure your diagnosis is correct, as well as look at the patient at different angles in order to keep an eye out for smaller fractures and issues that may be harder to detect at first.

Ultimately, treatment in podiatry stems from a proper diagnosis, and digital radiography significantly increases your chance of success. As a result, you want a skilled industry partner in your corner like  ExamVue. We can show you the options to refine every diagnosis you make. Don’t forget that your purchase will also be covered by our 5-5-5 Coverage Program which provides top protection and support for your products for 5 years. We look forward to working with all types of podiatry practices.

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