Trends in Urgent Care Radiography

Urgent care centers have become a major source of medical care for some communities, combining a more accessible price and set of services. To clear the air, in order to get an urgent care designation, radiography services have to be offered on site, even if it’s just a basic x-ray machine. However, urgent care radiography is beginning to expand to match increased demand. Here are some of the trends that you can see in this regard.

For one thing, there’s a greater demand for portability and quicker results. This largely stems from people starting to use urgent care as a replacement for emergency rooms due to accessibility and price. This puts urgent care providers in a bit of a bind, as this isn’t entirely the intention, but it may be a good idea to try and gear your equipment for more emergency use, just in case.

Another thing worth thinking about, as the patient load of urgent care centers grows, is finding a way to potentially improve your efficiency when it comes to storage or organization of medical images. Digital radiography software is a boon in this area.

Some of the trends in urgent care radiography mirror radiography across the board, some of them are more unique to the category. In either case, it’s to your benefit to consider upgrading as soon as possible in order to keep with these trends. At  ExamVue Digital X-Ray Solutions, we want to be your full-service partner in this area. On top of hardware and software that is powerful enough to meet modern standards, but still are easy to use, we also understand the importance of support. This is best explained by our 5-5-5 Coverage Program which ensures top protection and support for your products for 5 years. Reach out to us today if you have any questions or are ready to work together.

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