Single or Multi-Panel X-Ray Systems: Which Ones Should You Choose?

Single or Multi-Panel X-Ray Systems: Which Ones Should You Choose?

The decision to choose either a single or multi-panel X-ray system is one that should not be taken lightly. As imaging systems, x ray flat panel detector can affect the workflow in healthcare facilities to significantly improve efficiency and speed, while offering clearer imaging that will improve diagnosis efficiency. Considering organizational concerns on finance, existing infrastructure and availability of technical expertise, you need to carefully consider if you’re willing to invest in a Single or a Multi-Panel X-ray system for your clinics.

If you’re in the market for X-ray panels, some serious considerations for you ought to be:


Finance is a basic concern for any buying decision, since we all have to work within set budgets; you should wonder if you ought to compromise on quality or on quantity based on how much money you have. Single Panel X-rays are cheaper than multi-panel systems however; this does not diminish the value of a single panel X-ray assuming where you intend to use these.

Many private practice clinics with exclusive clientele might prefer a single panel X-ray because a multi panel X-ray simply isn’t required. There are no differences in image quality and these single-panel X-rays are better suited to certain medical settings than others.

Efficiency Concerns

If you have a greater patient volume to deal with, you might want to consider a multi-panel X-ray system. Single-panel x-rays help you deal with one patient at a time, while a multi-panel system can help you cater to multiple patients in one go without too much of a hassle.

The efficiency offered by multi-screen panels makes them much more suitable for hospital settings owing to the sheer number of patients that these take in. In such a situation a multi-panel x-ray can better serve your purposes.

Reduced Risk Of Damage

Working with portable medical x ray equipment increases the risk of the equipment getting damaged. Although designed to be moved around, portable single panel X-ray systems are much more likely  to suffer damage if you have a high enough number of patients to deal with in one go.

Buying a multi-panel X-ray system would essentially eliminate the need to move around the systems and you can manage your patients as they come without having to take extra time with each.

What Are You Comfortable With?

.At the end of the day focusing on the functionality of a workspace will also help decide which panels you ought to buy. There is no quality concern that should make single-panel x-rays preferable over multi-panel x-rays, it’s really about how well you think either can help you manage your patient loads and improve service provision.

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