Investing in Digital X-Ray

An investment in an upgrade to digital radiography (DR) can pay dividends to a practice, clinic, or hospital. Digital x-ray is a safer, more effective, and more cost-effective method of diagnostic imaging. Increases the quality of care of being provided to patients. Can be used in numerous medical applications. Risk of digital x-ray is significantly reduced when compared to the process of traditional x-ray. Additionally, digital x-ray produces higher quality, higher resolution images than traditional x-ray. Medical professionals are able to adjust contrast, brightness, darkness, and other characteristics of the digital images, whereas images produced on film cannot be modified.

There are far more reasons to make the change to digital than there are to stay with traditional x-ray. We have provided a number of discussion points on each diagnostic imaging solution below.

Traditional X-Ray

  • Higher radiation dose

  • Costly consumables

  • Time-consuming

  • Requires space for chemical processing and storage

  • Images cannot be altered after developing

  • Storing and retrieving physical x-rays is a pain

Digital X-Ray

  • Significant reduction in radiation dose

  • Higher technology for higher quality, higher resolution images

  • Improved diagnostic ability

  • More cost effective in longer term

  • Improved efficiency – significantly faster (just seconds)

  • More environmentally-friendly – no chemicals needed

  • Post-processing editing capabilities (image enhancement)

  • Digital archiving and sending

  • Greyscale offers more than 250 shades of grey versus approximately 25 with film x-ray

  • Can improve patient relations and satisfaction

  • Potentially attract new patients

If you have any specific questions or would like to request a quote for digital x-ray, please feel free to contact us today.

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