How to Choose the Right Digital X-Ray Imaging Equipment

How to Choose the Right Digital X-ray Imaging Equipment

There’s a myriad of reasons why most healthcare and medical imaging facilities are making the transition to digital X-ray systems. In addition to being much safer for patients compared to traditional analog systems, digital Xray systems provide better efficiency across the board, allowing healthcare facilities to increase patient throughput. So if you’re thinking of investing in digital X-ray equipment for your practice, you’re moving in the right direction.

However, digital X-ray systems only make a positive impact on your facility if the equipment you choose is suited to your practice’s imaging needs and workflows. The right digital X-ray systems can also help increase patient comfort and reduce X-ray exam times. But it’s important to do some research before starting the digital X-ray equipment selection process.

The Important Questions That You Should Address

There is a variety of considerations you should make and questions you should address before you make any final purchasing decision. Some of the most important ones include:

  • How many exams will be performed with the equipment each day?
  • In which room will the imaging exams be performed in? For instance, is it ED, orthopedic, general radiology, trauma or some other room?
  • Does your facility perform pediatric imaging?
  • What’s the current patient throughput of your facility? Are you planning to increase it in the near future?
  • Does your facility cater to non-ambulatory patients?
  • What’s the clinical workflow of your facility’s imaging room?
  • What type of images do you need to capture? For instance, is it dental, chest, standing knees and feet, long bones, extremities, or other areas? Make a comprehensive and detailed list.
  • What is the budgeting process of your facility? How long does it typically take? Are there any specific timeframes or deadlines for the submission of budget requests?

Once you provide the answers to these questions, your supplier will most likely be able to provide solutions that’ll be suitable for your facility’s specific diagnostic imaging needs. The layout will provide an illustration of how the equipment will be arranged around the room, and how it’ll be integrated with patient, tech and clinical workflows.


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