How is ExamVue Digital X-Ray Different?

ExamVue is focused on bringing cost-effective digital x-ray solutions to the healthcare industry. Our patented technology helps keep us a step ahead of the rest. We believe ExamVue is different in a number of areas.


ExamVue flat panel detectors use CsI scintillators and product high quality images. CsI reduces radiation dose, optimizes light production, and achieves crispy, high resolution images. Our Full Field Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) has several benefits including:

  • Uses the entire array sensor of panel to trigger the acquisition process
  • Does not contain a chip that can potentially break
  • Detects exposure anywhere on surface of panel
  • No complicated patient positioning
  • Detects low intensity exposures


We designed ExamVue DR software for the acquisition, processing, and viewing of digitally-acquired images. This comprehensive software comes complete with functions most competitors charge a premium for, such as DICOM Modality Worklist and Image Stitching.

Since we designed and own ExamVue DR software ourselves, we are able to provide better technical support to our customers and help keep purchasing costs down. Examvue:

  • is very intuitive, easy-to-use interface;
  • includes a large palette of software functions; and
  • provides added value for our users in both functionality and affordability.

We also have our own PACS software, ExamVue PACS, which is used by practices and clinics for diagnosis as well as to show patients their x-rays.

  • User-friendly design
  • Simple, fast workflow and convenient for diagnosis
  • Quickly and easily installed throughout clinic environment


  • We ship our products quickly from our warehouse in New York
  • Our tech support team is knowledgeable and returns calls swiftly

Unrivaled 5-5-5 Coverage Program

ExamVue offers our 5-5-5 Coverage Program to help our customers grow their businesses. We have you covered for 5 years at significantly less money (in some cases, $ZERO over 5 years!).*

  • 5 Years of Drop Coverage
  • 5 Years of Remote Software Support
  • 5-Year Hardware Warranty
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