Top 10 Advantages of Digital X-Ray

The advantages of digital x-ray are varied and many. As we realize your time is valuable, we have provided the following concise list to address this frequently asked question. The top 10 advantages of digital x-ray are:

  • Higher quality. Higher resolution images with the ability to enhance images with software.
  • Reduced dose. Digital x-ray reduces dose by as much as 50%-70%.
  • Immediate viewing. Image acquisition and viewing is nearly instantaneous taking just seconds.
  • Environmentally-friendly. Digital x-ray eliminates the need for film and processing chemicals.
  • Ease of use. Digital x-ray is more forgiving of over- and under-exposure.
  • Digital x-rays can often be corrected without retakes.
  • Easy storage and transmission of images.
  • Improved patient experience
  • Time savings. Digital x-ray improves workflow and increases efficiency.
  • Cost savings. Digital x-ray has a lower total cost of ownership compared to film.

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