DR Detectors: What You Should Know

DR Detectors: What You Should Know

Digital radiography (DR) detectorsare advanced X-ray capturing devices that have been developed as a more efficient alternative to film and chemical development processors used by conventional X-ray systems.

DR technology offers a myriad of advantages over CR systems. They include:

  • Superior image quality
  • Increased speed
  • Almost instantaneous image acquisition
  • Option of immediate retakes, if and as required

The combination of these advantages leads to a smoother workflow and a higher patient throughput. If you’re considering upgrading to a DR system, basic knowledge of the two types of DR systems and their differences can come in handy.

Radiation Dose

Gadolinium oxysulfide plate produces a radiation dose that’s around 10% higher than cesium iodide panels (which we’ll get to later). While that’s not a huge difference by any means, it’s important to mention it as staff and patient safety are always the top priority.

This means cesium iodide (Csl) systems are more suitable for larger facility settings, such as orthopedic groups, urgent care clinics and hospitals, where the patient volume is high and a large number of images need to be captured in a series.

Image Quality

When it comes to image quality, Csl systems, once again, have the advantage over Gadox systems. However, the difference is not that significant. In fact, it will only be apparent to trained eyes.

But the fact is that Csl systems do deliver images of a superior quality, which is the primary reason most orthopedic surgeons prefer to work with Csl X-ray detectors.


This is a criterion where Gadox systems redeem themselves. Currently, Csl systems cost 20 to 30% more than Gadox systems. But that, of course, can be attributed to the advantage they have in other areas.


The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to upgrade to a digital radiography system but are on a tight budget, Gadox plate detectors may be the option for you. However, if superior image quality and a low radiation dose are your top priorities, cesium iodide detectors are undoubtedly the better option.


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