How DR Has Taken Chiropractic Medicine to New Levels

How DR Has Taken Chiropractic Medicine to New Levels

New-age radiology techniques and advancements in X-ray technology have taken chiropractic medicine to unprecedented levels of patient care.

Thanks to the advent of portable DR systems and digital data sharing platforms, such as PACS, X-ray exams can now be performed on site and the resulting digital images can be utilized immediately to perform an accurate diagnosis of a wide variety of ailments.

DR has had a positive impact on multiple fields of medicine, including chiropractic medicine. It allows chiropractors to determine the best course of treatments for their patients more accurately and more quickly.

The Use of DR in Chiropractic Medicine: Enhancing the Quality of Patient Care

Each chiropractic case is unique. While many cases don’t require an X-ray examination, more serious cases will need comprehensive and accurate information so a customized treatment plan can be developed. In such complex cases, X-ray images can assist chiropractors in:

  • Identifying any irregularities in the bones of the spine, such as fractures, spurs or cancerous spots
  • Assessing bone density and spacing to see if the patient has scoliosis or any other spinal cord disorder
  • any signs that point to problems that don’t show up directly on an x-ray, like torn muscles or ligaments.

The bottom line is that advancements in radiography techniques and technology have enabled doctors to form more accurate diagnoses and provide better patient care.

How Chiropractic X-Rays Have Evolved

As radiography technology and techniques have continued to evolve, their positive impact has extended to chiropractic applications as well. Just like the X-rays used in other fields of medicine, chiropractic X-rays also started off with chemical processors and radiographic films. As Computed Radiography (CR) technology replaced film-based X-ray systems, chiropractors were able to procure more detailed images of the spine.

Now digital radiography system has gone mainstream, chiropractors can get an even more precise view. To be more specific, the extremely high-definition images provided by DR technology have allowed chiropractors to see all angles of the vertebrae. They can even obtain detailed images of the spaces between each vertebra.


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