Common Digital Radiography Misconceptions

As digital radiography grows more popular, even to the point of becoming the standard, a lot of medical professionals are beginning to look into it without a lot of background knowledge. While greater adoption levels are a net benefit to the medical community, newcomers trying to learn is a breeding ground for a lot of misconceptions. These digital radiography myths can also spread to patients as well, so it’s important to try and stamp them out now.

As a start, make sure you address the relative minimal risk of radiation exposure with a digital radiography service to your patients. Yes, radiation is used, but with digital radiography, it’s at a much lower level, and you will always have protective gear to help you even further. Not to mention, we are exposed to types of radiation in small amounts in our daily lives, with minimal effects. So, with that in mind, it’s better for your patients to go through these procedures and get a diagnosis than risk not catching a condition until later on.

Another practical concern that patients may have is that an upgrade to digital radiography at their local practice also represents raised prices. Not necessarily. Remember, while this does represent an investment, a practice that upgrades is also saving time and money on storing and organizing images. Remind your patients that some of these benefits trickle down to them.

Even with something as common as digital radiography, it’s easy to fall prey to myths and misconceptions. To make sure these don’t hurt your practice, it’s important that you work with industry partners like ExamVue Digital X-Ray. We offer consultations to help clear up questions like these before people buy, ensuring they have the right fit at all times. In addition, one clear fact is that digital radiography equipment needs care, like the protection and support we offer with our 5-5-5 Coverage Program.

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