The Advantages of Using Wireless DR Panels in Your Podiatry Clinic

The Advantages of Using Wireless DR Panels in Your Podiatry Clinic

DR flat panel detectors present numerous advantages to your healthcare facilities. With rapid high resolution image rendering, dual screen viewing, various image manipulation tools and improved image quality, there’s little that a DR flat panel detector can’t do.

A wireless DR panel, though, adds a greater degree of portability than a tethered panel andoffers more flexibility when you’re conducting X-ray exams.

In the context of a podiatry practice, this flexibility comes in handy when you’re trying to capture angles that your tethered panel can’t. ExamVue’s DR solutions for podiatrists, in particular, offer advantages that other DR equipment doesn’t.

Designed To Withstand Rigorous Use

We suggest that podiatrists use our 10×12 wireless DR flat panel detectors. The detectors are made from high quality, durable aluminum and encased in a sheet of protective rubber. It’s built with a foldable handle so you can carry it easily and with minimal risk of dropping the panel.

Compact Design

One of the reasons behind using durable aluminum is because of the material’s malleability. This allowed us to create a compact flat panel detector which easily fits into bucky trays for safekeeping. This compact design adds a greater degree of portability to the panel making it easier to just carry it around your healthcare facility without too much trouble.

xray panel Compatibility with Portable X-ray Generators

Our wireless flat panel detectors are fully compatible with the CubeX series of portable X-ray generators. Each panel is calibrated to detect and render high quality images regardless of the location where you need to conduct an X-ray exam.

Touch-n-Shoot Trigger Top

You can also opt for a detector designed to capture X-rays without having to operate it through a computer console, using a trigger located at the top of the panel. This allows you the flexibility to take X-rays at different angles and to set up the wireless panels at locations most expedient for a clear image.

Retrofit Solutions

Many healthcare facilities gall at the cost of investing in a brand-new digital X-ray system. All of our DR solutions are retrofit, which helps reduce the cost of an upgrade to a fraction of the cost of new DR equipment. Our wireless panels are fully compatible with your existing hardware and costapproximately $40,000.

ExamVue is a premium supplier of digital radiography equipment in the US. Our products include DR flat panel detector, image acquisition software and PACS. Get in touch with us today for more information.



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