Pain Points for Urgent Care Centers

For a variety of different areas and regions, the urgent care center has become a new staple of medical care. Providing support for medical issues without the expenses of a hospital, an urgent care center can do a lot of a community. However, they deal with issues like any other medical business. Here are some of the common problems and where urgent care radiography factors in.

One common issue with urgent care centers is patients growing to utilize them too much, including situations where they may need to go to a hospital. Having a strong set of diagnostic equipment is key here, and urgent care radiography is a part of that. The quicker you can determine a patient’s needs are beyond your capacity, the sooner they can get them.

In a way, urgent care centers can become a victim of their own success. As the amount of clients grows, the longer it takes for them to get the proper care. This does pose a potential problem in terms of efficiency. From a radiography perspective, going digital makes this a little easier since it produces images quicker, meaning quicker patient care.

Urgent care radiography may not be the only area of concern that these centers have to deal with, but they are one of the largest. As a result, urgent care centers should be one of the first medical centers to consider abandoning their legacy systems and making the transition to digital radiography. However, you want to treat this as a true transition versus a band-aid fix, and that means working with partners like ExamVue X-Ray Solutions. Implementations like our  5-5-5 Coverage Program help you take the hardware and software you get from us, and protect them over a long-term basis, helping keep your urgent care center running like clockwork.

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