Modernizing Veterinary Radiography

When it comes to modern veterinary issues, it’s a combination of not just their mission, but the issues surrounding their mission. For example, finding new and more effective ways to better serve their patients is always going to be paramount, but for most vets with their private practices, the business side of things is often going to take up equally, if not more of their time. This includes managing finances, staff, and interfacing with pet owners. Modern veterinary care is about finding a balance between these two areas. Modern veterinary radiography is similar in this regard.

As a key example, modern veterinary radiography is starting to default more and more to digital installations, and efficiency is one of the major drivers here. Not only is it quicker to take images, meaning that you can process patients faster, but you no longer have to worry about physical storage. This is a particular boon for smaller practices, that may not have the budget to retain the staff needed to keep all these different elements in place. 

Digital radiography is also expanding to different niches of veterinary care, from equine care to exotic animals. A key example of this is the growth of portable options, making it easier to serve patients in place rather than facilitating large and risky transport operations.

Veterinary radiography is going through a lot of changes to accommodate patients and owners alike, and the rise of digital radiography is a part of that. If you’re a practice still using legacy equipment, it may be a good idea to buy into some upgrades to try and get ahead of the curve. When you’re ready, reach out to us at  ExamVue Digital X-Ray. On top of our consultations and inventory, we also offer the 5-5-5 Coverage Program. This helps take care of the equipment you get from us and provides protection and support for 5 years.

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