Integrating Digital Radiography into Your Chiropractic Practice

While there are some industry debates going on right now regarding whether or not chiropractic radiography is the ideal option, many practices make use of it both for initial diagnosis as well as for tracking the ongoing progress of different treatments. In general, the more severe the situation (significant injuries, the risk of potential underlying conditions), the greater the need for radiography. One way to make this a better fit for your practice is to opt for the digital approach. Here’s why, and what you need to do to integrate things properly.

As a start, digital radiography can:

  • Produce images quicker
  • Reduce the need for stored paper images
  • Lower the patient exposure to radiation

The latter point is especially worth mentioning, as it’s part of the reason why some are against the idea of heavy radiography use in the field. However, as the technology grows, and the diagnostic capabilities of this field rise, chiropractic radiologists could evolve from a relative rarity to a fixture in the field. This is why it’s important to see what options are on the market, and how the above benefits could improve your business.

As a chiropractic practice owner, you want to make sure that you’re investing in the best type of imaging technology for your patients, not just for their sake, but for your own bottom line. As chiropractic radiography begins to trend further and further towards digital, and the benefits of it become common knowledge to even patients, it’s going to be more and more difficult to justify not having it in your practice. However, just because a trend is taking place doesn’t mean you should follow it blindly. The best place to start when talking about what you want to use is a consultation with a skilled industry partner like ExamVue Digital X-Ray.

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