Improving Your Digital Radiography Onboarding

While radiography professionals take great effort in order to manage the different aspects of their jobs, there also needs to be an understanding that technological advancements are going to alter what their jobs entail. As a result, a radiographer can start their career with new tech, but that tech can end up outdated. To make sure your teams are prepared, it’s important that your practice/medical business will be able to invest in digital radiography onboarding. Remember, even within one team, a lot of professionals may have different experience levels.

When the time comes for you to set up your digital radiography onboarding, you have a few options to get the job done. The first option is reaching out to third-party services or consultants and holding a sort of “class” or “seminar” on how to use a new digital radiography component you plan on adding to your practice. One good option to help you here is being sure to talk to your provider if onboarding will be a part of the service package after you purchase. Another alternative is just using software. If you buy something with a simple enough interface, you may be able to teach your team yourself.

Digital radiography onboarding is key for making sure that the technology you take the time to invest in actually works for you. Your staff may be confused exactly how to adopt the new technology, but you don’t want to hold back on efficiency and a better quality of care because of that. To make sure your tech has the most investment in terms of onboarding, be sure to work with the top partners in the industry, like ExamVue X-Ray Solutions. Along with expert onboarding, we provide support after the fact with the 5-5-5 Coverage Program. This is specifically designed to help provide coverage and protection for five years after your initial purchase.

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