How You Can Improve General X-ray Quality

X-rays are the baseline when it comes to radiography services, whether you’re talking from a patient or practitioner perspective. Because of this, for those practices that are looking to increase/upgrade their machines, x-rays are generally the first place to start. When it comes to X-ray quality, better images are generally one of the first things that have people thinking about upgrades. Here are some ways to start improving what you already have.

This begins generally with making sure that you’re performing best practices when actually taking the image. User error can be as much of a culprit as technology problems. One good way to see how your practices are working is comparing patient images with ones from the past. Or, you can look at several images at a single portion of the body. This will help you find potential anomalies in your methods, or signs that you need support.

On the topic of support, one of the biggest ways to improve your x-ray quality is just making sure that you’re having regular maintenance done. As a result, any purchases you make should also be accompanied by either a stringent service schedule or a support plan. Missing even one service could impact your image capture.

Practices are only going to go so far when it comes to your x-ray quality, while it does matter. Ultimately, you need to have upgraded equipment in order to improve your images and make sure that you are properly examining your patients. In order to figure out how much more you can upgrade, make sure that you reach out to ExamVue X-Ray Solutions. We can provide a consultation to help guide you to the best purchase, then support your purchase for 5 years with the 5-5-5 Coverage Program.

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