How Outdated Radiography Equipment Hurts Your Orthopedic Practice

Radiography problems can take a variety of different forms. In some cases, it’s practical issues, like having to organize all the different images you’ve taken for your patients (a particular problem for orthopedists). In other cases, it’s technical issues, like a piece of equipment breaking down and requiring you to either cancel or postpone appointments while you get remote support to repair things. However, one major source of problems is continuing to work with outdated or obsolete radiography equipment. Here’s why.

For one thing, when you have outdated equipment in your orthopedic practice, it exacerbates all the typical radiography problems you can encounter. You lack the modern conveniences that digital radiography offers, and also have a greater chance of errors or breakdowns. Compounding this is that there may not be a lot of legacy support for the equipment that you’re using.

What does this mean for orthopedic practices? Not just irritation on a daily basis, but wasted money across the board. For people on the fence still about upgrading their radiography equipment, you may need to compare the one-time expense to the prolonged expenses and potentially lost money that come with trying to keep an outdated piece of equipment running.

Things going obsolete is quite frustrating for anyone, and the last thing you want is it to lead to greater radiography problems with your practice. However, you can attend to both issues at once by working with a strong digital x-ray provider like ExamVue Digital X-Ray Solutions. On one end, our high-tech software and hardware ensure that any obsolescence concerns are far and away. Along with this, if something goes wrong, your equipment will be protected and supported for 5 years under our landmark 5-5-5 Coverage Program. Upgrade your orthopedic practice today.

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