Getting Your Team to Buy-In to Digital Radiography

When it comes to success in just about any professional endeavor, buy-in matters. You can do the research and make the investment to get the most effective equipment or learn how to work on best practices, but if your team isn’t motivated to take part, it’s only going to end up hurting you in the end. This applies to digital radiography as well. There are a ton of reasons to upgrade, but teams often get comfortable or used to legacy systems that may cause some resistance. Here are some items that could potentially stop that from happening.

As a start, when you are narrowing your shortlist of options, it’s generally a good idea to keep your team in the loop. When a presentation or demo is scheduled, consider bringing in at least once employee to represent the team and see how the interface works. Your team may have concerns or needs you’re not necessarily aware of that should be implemented into the process. It’s easier to get a team to buy in when they feel like they have a voice in decision making.

Secondly, make sure you communicate benefits from their perspective. Framing matters. Telling them that this means more potential profit for practice is one thing, but leaning in on how it makes them more effective and efficient in their jobs is a better selling point.

Sometimes it can be difficult to help your team make the transition from legacy equipment to more up-to-date digital X-ray technology. Sometimes, it’s basic reluctance, in other cases, they may have very legitimate concerns. At ExamVue, we offer free consultations and demonstrations prior to your purchase to make sure those concerns get out in the open. You’ll see that ExamVue software is intuitive and easy-to-use. The sooner you can see more for yourself and address potential concerns, the faster your employee onboarding will go with digital radiography equipment. Please feel free to contact us for a demo.

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