Fitting Digital Radiography (DR) into Orthopedic Trends

Medical fields of all kinds are subject to different trends, from new types of technology being introduced to health shifts among the general populace to the general economic trends that impact all businesses. Orthopedics is the same, with some key trends taking hold right now that could cause a major ripple effect. Here’s how orthopedic digital radiography can fit into some of these areas.

For one thing, similar to the way that digital radiography has grown in implementation, we’re seeing a lot more augmented reality taking hold in orthopedic settings. The main use is going to be in surgical settings to help make it easier to see certain areas while the surgery is being done. This is quite interesting but has a lot of practice before it becomes a standard. It’s better to save your tech budgets to improving your digital radiography for now.

One trend that’s well-intertwined into digital radiography is artificial intelligence. One major application we’re seeing right now is AI being used to gather data on different images that a single system may take. By using this data, it’s easier to instantly find an abnormality out of hundreds or thousands of images. 

Orthopedic digital radiography trends can often run parallel to some of the general trends we see in radiography. In other cases, they are more unique to the category. However, in either scenario, it’s important that orthopedists nationwide consider potentially upgrading to serve their client base better. This requires not just buying new equipment, but having a long-term partner to service your needs. This is our focus at ExamVue X-Ray Solutions. We accomplish this goal not just with our software and hardware, but programs like the 5-5-5 Coverage Program, offering remote protection and support for your products for 5 years.

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