Enhance Your View with ExamVue

ExamVue brings nearly 40 years of experience in diagnostic imaging to the table to help your practice become safer, more efficient, and more profitable. Whether you’re looking for digital x-ray for a private practice, urgent care clinic, or imaging center, our solutions offer lower radiation, higher image quality, improved workflow, and higher throughput.

We are leading the way with cassette-sized flat panel detectors with stellar image resolution, large dynamic range, and lower dose requirement for the best safety of patient and practitioner. Most medical environments are looking for an ideal lightweight, robust detector for high quality images at very low dosage.

ExamVue digital x-ray solutions utilize superior technology offering better resolution and clearer images.

Whether you’re looking for a retrofit, new system, or mobile usage, we’re proud to provide you with the best priced, most advanced Cesium Iodide (CsI) panels available on the market. ExamVue flat panel detectors (FPD) are efficient and easy to use, designed with human health and comfort in mind. Our digital FPDs utilize advanced in-house technology to produce crystal clear images at astonishingly low radiation doses.

• Direct-deposit CsI (Cesium Iodide) provides low dose care with exceptional image quality
• Full-field technology for easy subject positioning
• 1-shot calibration for fast initialization
• Rapid image acquisition
• Easy to connect panels with magnetic ports
• Innovative embedded foldable handle for convenient portability
• Quickly switch between wired and wireless modes
• Automatic data recovery in the event of a WiFi signal loss

Low Dose
Low dose care has always been our top priority. From the beginning, our advanced in full-fielt imaging and direct-deposit CsI have been driven by a mission to deliver superior results without compromising the well-being of patients and operators. We are also proud to be the only brand currently making direct-deposit CsI, low dose detectors. Doesn’t your practice deserve the best?

Low Cost
We develop and build all critical materials for our panels in-house, including our own sensors and cesium iodide crystals. Our conscientious manufacturing yields world-class imaging results that are optimally efficient and affordable. We believe in our global responsibility to help bring safer, more reliable care to wherever it’s needed. We make powerful, long-lasting detectors that remain accessible to all types of clinics and medical offices worldwide.

Low Impact
Low impact care refers not only to patients and operations, but to the world at large. Our products are durable and adaptable, compatible with both single-phase and high-frequency generators. We strive to apply the principles of low impact design, waste reduction, and sustainability to all aspects of our daily operation and long-term development.

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