Does Software Make a Difference in Image Quality?

Building up the image quality in the radiography world is key, no matter what setting or field you’re based in. If an image has an error or is too poor to use, that requires extra time and materials for processing, not to mention an irritated patient. If the quality problems are more subtle, things can be even more dangerous, with key conditions or other areas of note being missed. As a result, maintaining image quality is key. But will software help?

While it’s true that faults with the hardware can be some of the biggest causes of poor-quality medical images, there is an element of human error to this also. This is what makes software a key component, albeit an indirect one. If it’s easier for people to operate medical imaging software, they will be able to capture images at a quicker rate with a lower chance for mistakes. With digital radiography, this risk drops even further. Another key piece worth mentioning is the fact that certain software enables you to get more out of good images by manipulating them after they are taken. 

Ultimately, whether it’s due to the image quality capture of the equipment itself or how easy it makes it for professionals to do their job, there are indirect and direct ways for you to benefit from digital radiography software. Because of this, you should give the same amount of forethought into choosing this as you should any other piece of radiography equipment. This means figuring the right match via a consultation with a professional industry partner like ExamVue X-Ray Solutions. Not getting your equipment supported or serviced can also lead to image quality issues, which is why we provide this for a five year period with the 5-5-5 Coverage Program.

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