Digital Radiography 101

Gone are the days when it took health-care workers and technicians days to obtain x-ray results so they could accurately diagnose patients. With the evolution of imaging technologies, medical professionals have quicker and easier access to radiography results, and can effectively examine and diagnose various conditions.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography is a contemporary form of x-ray imaging that doesn’t make use of the photographic film that was traditionally used in x-rays. Instead, digital sensors are used to produce an image of the object being x-rayed.

How It Works

The digital radiography (DR) system uses active flat panel detector. These consist of a detection layer that covers thin film transistors as well as photo diodes. The DR system then converts the image into digital data, which is processed within seconds and is up for review in no time.

Like with traditional x-rays, the images can be enhanced by controlling the exposure. Further detailing is also possible by adjusting the color and texture of the image.

Digital radiography eliminates the lengthy film processing step while simultaneously increasing accessibility.

Comparing Two Forms of Digital Technologies

Digital radiography is often confused with computed radiography (CR), which is another digital technology used for imaging. In CR, photo-stimulated luminescence screens are used for capturing the x-ray image. The CR cassettes are then scanned and the data is converted into a digital image.

What makes the CR system different from DR plates is the fact that the latter don’t need to be scanned for data conversion. The flat panels used are either wireless or have a cord tether that allows for direct capturing of the data. Whilst CR cassettes need to be scanned through an acquisition station after being exposed, DR plates transfer data to a computing system almost immediately.

Although both CR and DR produce digital format images, DR has a significant edge over the former technology due to its greater efficiency. In fact, the work-flow is improved nearly three times over with DR technology, as opposed to a CR system.

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