Compact and Effective: Digital X-Ray Improves Workflow in Healthcare

Compact and Effective: Digital X-Ray Improve Workflow in Healthcare

Having an efficient workflow is one of the main priorities for all healthcare departments. However, there aren’t many areas where an inefficient workflow can affect the provision of healthcare more than radiography. In addition to impacting the productivity and performance of the radiography staff, a broken radiography workflow has a trickle-down effect which negatively affects other departments, referring and onsite clinicians, and ultimately the patients. In other words, having a streamlined radiography workflow is critical to the overall efficiency of a healthcare facility.

In order to optimize their workflows, the majority of health care organizations are now transitioning to digital radiography equipment and solutions. The advent of digital radiography equipment, especially digital x-ray systems, has transformed the diagnostic imaging landscape, allowing physicians to provide healthcare services faster and more efficiently. Here’s how digital x-ray solutions can improve workflow in healthcare.

Instant Image Acquisition

The primary reason film now holds a small market share in the diagnostic imaging market is because it’s incredibly inefficient. Digital x-ray systems offer a wide array of advantages over film-based equipment. With conventional x-ray equipment, the images need to be developed chemically and need to be stored in a physical location. Not only is it a time consuming process, but it also requires procurement of the chemicals needed to develop the images.

Digital x-ray equipment, on the other hand, is extremely efficient and fast. There’s no need to develop the images, and they can be acquired in mere seconds.

Digital Equipment is Pre-Programmable

Technologists can also pre-program the anatomy information on modern digital x-ray systems, so that the machine is ready to go even before the patient has entered the exam room, which only leaves basic positioning to be done. The systems ensure that the anatomy is accurate and can capture all the needed images. You don’t need to change any cassettes as well. Digital x-ray systems require minimal time and attention from the physician, which allows them to provide more of it to their patients.

Digital X-Ray Systems are both forgiving and dynamic

Digital X-ray technology is both forgiving and dynamic. The captured image can be tweaked and reprocessed in seconds. The excellent post-processing capabilities offered by digital systems allow technologists to present the physician with images in the preferred format so they can make quicker and more accurate interpretations.


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