Applying Fluoroscopy to Veterinary Care


When it comes to the world of veterinary care, it’s hard to underestimate the importance of fluoroscopy to the profession. Due to the unique body shapes and conditions that animals may experience, a conventional X-ray may not be as effective as it is for humans. Conditions like tumors may be obscured by the body, and in the case of some respiratory conditions or accidental swallowing, charting movement is actually necessary. Digital radiography helps improve X-rays, but the benefits don’t necessarily limit themselves to fixed installations.

Perhaps the largest benefit from a radiography perspective is the image quality. When you go digital, your options open up considerably when it comes to manipulating or adjusting images to get a better point of view. When we talk about things like breathing issues that are generally charted with veterinary fluoroscopy, it’s a lot easier to make a diagnosis or find problems this way.

Another major concern for pet owners is radiation exposure. While radiography is designed to keep things at safe levels, there is a realistic concern. Most pets are going to be smaller than the average human, and procedures like fluoroscopy require longer durations of exposure. With this said, when you go digital, you lower this requirement. Be sure to communicate this to your patients to put them at ease.

Veterinary fluoroscopy has a lot of applications when it comes to helping provide effective support and service in your practice. It’s important that when you do this, though, that you have the proper means to tackle this situation. We are ready to help provide this with a consultation at ExamVue X-Ray Solutions. This applies whether you need an upgrade or to build a suite of equipment from scratch. We also provide support after the fact with protection for 5 years through the 5-5-5 Coverage Program.

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