Analyzing the Costs of Digital X-Ray Equipment

Analyzing the Costs of Digital X-Ray Equipment

Before you make a final purchasing decision, it’s important to learn more about the price of the product you intend to buy.  In analyzing the cost of digital radiography system and the related services and products offered to healthcare professionals and radiologists, there are numerous important factors that should be considered.

Over the course of this blog post, we’ll clarify what these factors are, and how they influence the initial and long term costs of a digital x-ray system.

The Right Scope & Size

When you’re pricing any type of diagnostic imaging equipment or solution, it’s vital to get the scope and size that’s perfectly suited to the requirements of your facility. Perform a careful assessment of your facility and operations to determine what you need. Although it’s great to expect future growth in a business, in most cases, services and products can be scaled as required.

This allows for better flexibility, while ascertaining that you don’t invest in something that’s not a necessity. Most digital imaging solutions and products are offered with a wide range of options and configurations as well, which obviously has an impact on the price. Again, it’s vital to have your current needs figured out so you don’t pay for functionalities and products that aren’t required.

Long-Term Ownership Costs

It’s worth noting that a product’s sticker price is not its final price. It’s just the initial outlay you’ll have to pay, and doesn’t include the ownership costs you’ll have to bear over the product’s lifetime. In order to accurately gauge how affordable a product really is, it’s essential to factor in the total ownership costs. For example, factors such as potential costs of upgrades and repairs should be included, as well as ongoing service and maintenance costs.

Protection over Time

Other important considerations include regular service or maintenance plans as well as warranty plans. The primary objective should be reducing the total ownership costs, which in turn will provide a greater value over the product’s entire effective life, instead of simply opting for a product with the lowest initial price. This saves you money over the long-term, while also giving you greater surety by reducing potential downtime, offering built-in assurance and reducing hassles in the event off an issue.


In addition to a wide variety of digital x-ray equipment, ExamVue also offers additional solutions, including our DR Acquisition and ExamVue PACS software. Get in touch with us if you’re considering upgrading to a digital radiography system.

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