5 Signs That You Could Use a DR System in Your Healthcare Facility

5 Signs That You Could Use a DR System in Your Healthcare Facilit

Choosing a technology upgrade for your healthcare facility is a capital intensive decision that needs to be carefully evaluated before you act on it. Balancing out the investment costs with the returns you would get is a complex exercise that requires assessing potentially non-quantifiable factors like convenience and long-term cost efficiency.

These qualitative factors often form the determinants of patient satisfaction and quality of patient care being offered at your facilities. On the face of it, you might think that DR systems have little value to offer; however, there is no telling the advantages these implementations will deliver later.

We’ve compiled a list of considerations that might help you make the case for upgrading your existing technology infrastructure.

1. You Have High Volumes of Incoming Patients

Digital radiography system produces nearly instantaneous diagnostic images. Unlike film based X-ray, there’s no waiting time for chemical processing of images. This will enable your facility to see a greater number of patients each day.

The images from a digital X-ray can be viewed instantaneously by the physicians and shared between different departments.

2. Low Costs

Although the initial payments required to set up a DR system are fairly high, the volume of patients you deal with will bring down the cost per patient to very small amounts. This means that you will actually be able to present better healthcare to more patients and acquire cost advantages because of this increased patient throughput. The practice will increase profitability on the upgrade in system and benefit in terms of revenue due to patient volume.

3. Greater Accessibility

Film-based radiography equipment is very bulky compared to DR equipment. Moving these around is impossible and these take up a lot of room which can be used for other purposes. The portability of DR systems, since these can be wall-mounted or placed in bucky trays, makes them very convenient. Since you can move these screens around or manipulate the image for better viewing, these are much more accessible in situations like surgery or emergency treatment.

4. Higher Quality Images

If you think that your existing equipment doesn’t give you clear images, then you can upgrade to a DR system, which offers unparalleled clarity.. With the higher resolutions offered by DR systems, poor image quality will be a worry of the past.

5. Greater Safety

If you feel that chemically processing X-ray films is unsafe and you need to reduce the radiation exposure to patients, you can upgrade to a DR system to achieve these safety standards.

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