4 Questions To Ask When Transitioning to Digital Radiography

4 Questions To Ask When Transitioning to Digital Radiography

Digital radiography is one of the most advanced imaging technology available to modern medicine. DR equipment is faster and renders images of a higher quality compared to those produced by computed radiography and analog X-ray systems.

There’s a fair amount of financial pressure on healthcare service providers as the government moves for greater DR adoption with the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016.

As DR adoption rates rise, it becomes a matter of survival that you also move to the technology or risk falling behind your competitors who’ll offer better diagnostic capabilities. They’ll also be faster and won’t succumb to the financial penalties associated with reduced medicare reimbursement. With the decision to upgrade to DR, some questions you ought to consider are:

Question#1: Are Finances a Problem?

You’ll need to find a cost-effective DR imaging solution because this isn’t the only expense you’re undertaking. Narrowing down a budget can also help you determine who the most viable service provider is for you. Our solutions are strictly retrofit and cost approximately $40,000-$50,000. Fully-digital X-ray systems can cost several times as much.

Keep in mind that retrofit solutions offer equally as great performance as brand new equipment even though they cost less. It’s for this reason that retrofit DR upgrades are common throughout healthcare facilities in the US.

Question#2: What Are My requirements?

Inefficiency and data transfer problems are one of the biggest concerns for any healthcare facility. Physicians need quick access to diagnostic images. Additionally, you need to keep patientwaiting time to a minimum. Furthermore, you must create extensive patient history databases that can be easily accessed.  ExamVue solutions are more than adequate to address such needs.

Not all facilities ask all the questions on the list—some have trouble managing patient loads, while others might be more concerned with image quality. Consider these questions and invest in a DR solution from ExamVue that targets those exact problems.

Question#3: Do You Need To Invest In Additional Software?

A DR flat panel detector is useless without an image acquisition software—the detector only detects radiation needed to produce the image, the software renders the image from the X-rays detected by the FPD. ExamVue’s image acquisition software, for example, offers dual viewing and a wide range of image quality control tools.

You might also want to consider investing in a PACS can help you create patient records that complement your new DR equipment. A PACS will also help ensure HIPAA compliance.

hospital Question#4: Am I Choosing The Right Provider To Implement Digital Radiography?

Choosing the right partner to make a transition to digital radiography can make all the difference in the world. You should go to an experienced diagnostic imaging solutions provider with numerous years of experience in the healthcare industry.

Investing in the right digital radiography system will help you to produce clear, high-quality images as well as increase throughput, which will result in greater efficient operations and cost savings in the long run.

ExamVue develops high-quality medical imaging solutions, ranging from digital X-ray panel down to integrative PACS. Our digital radiography equipment delivers high quality, high resolution diagnostic images. To place an order or learn more, get in touch with us today at our website or by calling at (516) 654-6955.

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